Leadership Development

Leadership development and empowerment are critical components of fostering personal growth, enhancing leadership skills, and expanding knowledge within an organisation. Empowered leaders feel a sense of ownership and responsibility for their work and their team's success, leading to initiative-taking, confident decision-making, and positive change driving.

At SEAT we use the following strategies to develop leaders at all levels:


High Quality Professional Development: We encourage staff to regularly participate in continuous professional development whether this be in-house or externally led. Half termly CPD sessions allow all staff to work on specific school-based topics. Half termly Teacher Meets support collaboration across schools and allow for reflection on pertinent issues. Emerging and developing leaders complete NPQs and ensure that this learning is embedded in their work in school.

Leadership Development


Leadership Academy: Our ‘Leadership Academy’ development programs provide opportunities for staff to identify and develop strengths, address weaknesses, and achieve personal growth through self-reflection and targeted learning experiences. We offer a variety of pathways which individuals may choose from, ranging from ‘Aspiring Teachers’ to ‘Senior Leadership’. The sessions refine essential skills such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving, enabling leaders to navigate challenges and personal growth.

Outward Facing:  As an outward-facing organisation we actively seek to learn from others and use external expertise to enhance our own capabilities. By embracing diverse perspectives and tapping into the knowledge of external stakeholders, we identify innovative solutions and stay ahead of emerging trends. Examples of this are working with Maths Hub, Science Hub, English Hub, Schools Partnership programme, local school clusters, other MATs, Confederation of Schools Trust and the Local Authority.  This collaborative approach fosters growth, fosters innovation, and drives continuous improvement across the organisation.

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