The four South Essex Academy Trust values drive everything in the work of the academies.  Children, staff, leadership including the directors are focused on these four visionary ideals.

The moral purpose of South Essex Academy Trust is to help more children to flourish.

This is being accomplished by enabling:

  • a self-supporting family of schools providing school-to-school support
  • collaborative approaches to leadership, management and teaching and learning
  • no distractions to achieving sustainable school improvement

because all who participate in the Trust believe in:





These are worked out through:

  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Building on the strengths of each school
  • Learning for all
  • Succession planning
  • Excellent CPD for all staff
  • Governance that enables
  • in the academy environment by the children

The info diagram on the right gives you an idea of how SEAT operates.  Ask about anything you want to know in more detail.

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