School Improvement

At South Essex Academy Trust, we pride ourselves on our clearly defined and effective strategy to improve and maintain the performance of both existing and new member schools within our network. Our three-tiered model ensures a comprehensive approach to driving continuous improvement and excellence in education.

Tier 1: School-Level Improvement

Each school develops a termly Single Plan, created and evaluated by Senior Leadership Teams. These plans outline improvement initiatives and are monitored closely by Academy Committees (AC). Our leaders are unwavering in their dedication to enhancing school performance and relentlessly pursue avenues for improvement.

Tier 2: Peer Reviews through Schools Partnership Programme

Our approach involves half-termly rigorous school peer reviews conducted across the trust. These reviews are driven by the schools themselves and shine a spotlight on specific areas for improvement, facilitating targeted interventions and collaborative learning. Peer Reviewers are drawn from across our schools may include external experts. This diversity ensures a rich exchange of ideas and best practices. Improvement Champions play a crucial role in facilitating staff empowerment. They facilitate staff meetings to turn the findings of the Peer Review into a deliverable action planned. School staff are empowered to take ownership of identifying areas for improvement and devising strategies to address them.

Tier 3: Trust wide Monitoring and Support

Our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides vigilant oversight through half-termly monitoring, focusing on the school and trust wide priorities. This proactive approach enables timely interventions and adjustments.

A former CEO and OFSTED inspector, our School Improvement Officer (SIO), brings invaluable expertise to the table. With a presence three days a week, he provides targeted support and guidance to schools within the trust.

While our approach is systematic, it remains flexible to emerging needs. The CEO and SIO collaborate to determine monitoring priorities each half term, based on ongoing evaluations and collective knowledge. Good practices are shared across the trust through individual exchanges and trust networks.

We place great emphasis on identifying and nurturing emerging leaders within our trust. These leaders coordinate and support specific areas of focus across schools, including English, Maths, Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), the wider curriculum, and various special projects.

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