Westwood Academy Headteacher, John Archer and Parkwood Academy Headteacher, Martyn Clarke reporting to Directors.

Academy Governance

South Essex Academy Trust is committed to professional and excellence in governance for both the trust as a whole and each academy.  It is imperative that this is highly effective in providing accountability that supports high quality educational provision, standards and improvement, as well as ensuring that each academy has clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

There are only two tiers of governance in South Essex Academy Trust.

Members, have strategic oversight for the work of the Trust and reflect the range of skills required to oversee an Academy Trust.  They are responsible or appointing the Directors.

Directors (also known as Trustees) of the Trust are responsible for the running of the Trust.  The academies are accountable to the Directors who both make strategic decisions impacting them and are responsible for the governance, development and oversight of each of the academies in the Trust.

The key foci of the Board of Trustees/Directors includes:

  • Governance of each Academy
  • School Improvement
  • Drawing up and implementation of Trust Policies
  • Compliance with DFE Regulations, Statutory Compliance/Financial Regulations
  • Performance Management of CEO/Executive Head and Headteachers
  • To appoint or reappoint the auditors of the Trust
  • Process of sponsoring additional schools
  • Fulfilling all statutory responsibilities of governance as Directors/Trustees of both the Trust and each of the academies.

The whole Board meets at least six times a year for a whole day and at each meeting the governance of each Academy is a substantive agenda item.  Headteachers report to the directors and are accountable for the education provided at their academy.  The Board also meets at least three times a year to deal with whole Trust matters.  There is a Pay Committee and Finance Committee which also meets regularly.

Parent Consultative Groups

It is vital that the directors both consult and listen to the academy community.  Surveys of staff , parents and children are regularly undertaken.  Parent Consultative Groups are arranged in each academy.  Click here for more information.

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