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The South Essex Academy Trust is dedicated to professionalism and excellence in governance, both at the trust level and within each academy. It is crucial for governance to be highly effective in ensuring accountability that supports high-quality educational provision, standards, and improvement. Additionally, it plays a key role in providing each academy with a clear vision, ethos, and strategic direction.

Within the South Essex Academy Trust, governance is organised into three tiers.



Members provide strategic oversight for the Trust, possessing a diverse set of skills necessary for overseeing an Academy Trust. Their responsibilities include the appointment and removal of Trustees and appointing the trust’s auditors.


Trustees (Directors):

Trustees, also known as Directors, are responsible for the overall management of the Trust. Academies are answerable to the Trustees, who make strategic decisions affecting them and are accountable for the governance, development, and oversight of each academy within the Trust.

The roles and responsibilities of our Trustees include an array of crucial tasks. They monitor the governance structures within each academy and actively contribute to the formulation and implementation of Trust Policies. Committed to upholding compliance standards, Trustees ensure adherence to DFE Regulations, Statutory Compliance, and Financial Regulations. They assume a crucial responsibility in overseeing the performance of the CEO and serve as key decision-makers in the expansion process for incorporating new schools into the trust. In fulfilling their roles as Trustees, they meticulously handle all statutory governance responsibilities for both the Trust and each individual academy. Through their unwavering commitment, Trustees contribute significantly to the success and governance excellence of our educational network. The Board of Trustees meet at least six times a year and there are three Committees: Finance, Risk and Audit, HR and Pay, and Standards.


Academy Committees:

Each school has an Academy Committee, a group of dedicated governance volunteers, often comprised of parents or members of the community. These committed individuals collaborate closely with the school leadership team, playing a pivotal role in holding them accountable to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children under our care.

The Academy Committee convenes four times annually to discuss and strategize on matters pertaining to the school's performance, policies, and overall well-being. During these meetings, committee members engage in insightful discussions, share perspectives, and contribute to the formulation of plans that will positively impact the educational journey of our students.

In addition to their regular meetings, each Academy Committee member undertakes termly monitoring within the school. This hands-on involvement allows them to gain first-hand insights into the school's operations, the implementation of educational initiatives, and the overall atmosphere within the learning environment. By conducting these termly monitoring activities, committee members ensure that the school is continually aligned with our shared values, goals, and commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience.

The Academy Committee's dedication and collaborative efforts contribute significantly to the success of our educational community and play a crucial role in shaping the educational journey of our students.


Catherine Stalham

CEO of South Essex Academy Trust


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