South Essex Academies Trust (SEAT) is a developing group of schools that believe in the value of working together.

Originally established by Westwood Academy, SEAT is a Trust that works for both vulnerable schools and those judged Good or Outstanding.

Joining a group of like-minded schools will enable you to secure and maintain your current quality provision. Through school to school support you can address those areas you identify as needing to improve to move your school to the next level.

What you put in you will get out. It is likely that there will be a vulnerable school in the Trust either in a category or who may not sustain their current GOOD judgement. By supporting this school, your school improves because staff have the opportunity to use their skills and develop new ones to enable others to succeed.

Drawing on the expertise of others with the common focus on improvement in outcomes for children for all involved removes the anxiety that another institution is imposing ‘this is the way to do it’ doctrine. This would go against the values, approach and purpose of the Trust.

The purpose is to create a ‘family’ of schools for mutual support and development in order to maintain and develop at all possible levels.

Sharing provision across the Trust is about increasing capacity through school to school support in areas:

  • School Improvement
  • Early Years
  • Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Back office
  • Leadership including governance
  • Supporting succession planning through Leadership development for all levels from NQT to NPQH through our Leadership Academy.
Simon Harbrow

The CEO/Executive Head, Simon Harbrow,

brings to the Trust a wealth of current knowledge and understanding focused on School Improvement. He is currently a lead Ofsted Inspector and completed a secondment to Essex Local Education Authority to support schools.

The Directors and CEO welcome the opportunity to discuss how South Essex Academy Trust can work with your school and explore a future in partnership together.  Contact: head@seacademytrust.co.uk


Drivers of School Improvement

  • Effective Governance of each school
  • Single Termly Plan
  • Monitor, review and adapt
  • Be clear what the impact looks like
  • Quality First TeachingIdentification of barriers and gaps in learning
  • Leaderships Academy –professional
    development for all staff improving
    pedagogical skills, sustaining quality CPD
    and succession planning
  • Staff wellbeing – recruitment and retention
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